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For the professional and home gardener

Garden Tools

A sharp edge on your garden tools makes your job nice and easy. Wether you are a professional, or a home gardener, let us keep the edge sharp on all of your garden tools.

the perfect edge


We specialize in maintaining your personal or professional shears for whatever the job. We will keep the edge sharp and maintain the factory edge, or better, on your expensive Japanese and German convex shears. We’re specialists in sharpening and maintaining short bladed shears as well.

Your Most important tool

Culinary Knives

Maintaining a sharp edge on your culinary knives is essential to creating the quality food your desire. We specialize in sharpening all types of kitchen knives as well as kitchen shears.

The Perfect Edge

Woodworking Tools

Maintaining a sharp edge on your woodworking tools ensures every cut is precise and that you can create the best product possible. 

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Service & Repair

Your shears, scissors, and blades are the most important tools of your profession. Your professional reputation depends on how well they perform.

The reputation of sloShears.com depends on your satisfaction with the quality of our sharpening service. Years of experience, precision sharpening, hand honing and the best equipment money can buy guarantees our work

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